Kick-start KC with FREE contract/temp work

Contract Promotion

Contract / temporary worker promotion

Whether you’re already back in the office, never left, or somewhere in between, we all know work has most certainly changed—and weathering this storm has been a challenge.

Thankfully, here in KC, we’re indeed all in this together. Yet, the ever-shifting economic winds make predicting the future impossible, so we want to help how we can. As you ramp back up or make necessary adjustments to your business, consider if temporary/contract employees could be the answer.

To make it easier, we’re providing 8 hours free for every 40 hours invoiced for a contract employee*—basically the equivalent of a free day for every week worked.

We’re offering this on any temporary/contract worker who starts before Aug. 31, 2020.

We know KC is resilient, and we’ll bounce back stronger than ever. But until we do, we’re committed to help you during this difficult time.

*Promotion good for up to 40 free hours. Contact us for the complete details!


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