Fine Tuning Your Job Search Can Lead to Better Marketing Interviews

The job search is one of those necessary evils that everyone has to engage in, but no one really likes. So how can you speed up the process and find a new marketing job in Kansas City faster? By fine-tuning your approach.

In fact, by making a few minor, yet essential tweaks to the way you’re positioning yourself during your job search, you can not only sail through the process, but secure a role that’s a better fit for you. Here are a few tips to get there:

Change the way you think about your resume.

Too many candidates see their resumes as an autobiography and an overview of their background. Instead, it’s actually a marketing document, something you should be using to persuade the hiring manager that you – and only you – have what it takes to get the job done. So when you’re writing your resume, as well as your cover letter, focus less on your skills and job titles and more on what sets you apart.

Connect the dots on your resume and in your cover letter.

You work in marketing. You therefore know the value of messaging. Even if you’re not a writer or a creative, it’s important to ensure the hiring manager sees you as the obvious choice. How do you do that? By connecting the dots. In other words, take your most relevant skills, abilities and accomplishments and promote them on your resume and in your cover letter in a way that demonstrates what you can deliver if offered the job.

Add some personality to these documents.

Of course it’s important that you come across as articulate and professional. But that doesn’t also mean dry and boring. Too often, candidates use language in their resume and on their cover letter that’s overly formal and stiff. Instead, be yourself, while also being professional, making yourself more memorable in the process.

Don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile.

Once you’re finished with your resume and cover letter, make sure you’re also updating your LinkedIn profile to reflect both of those documents, as well. It doesn’t need to match them exactly, but should complement them and offer additional information, such as testimonials.

Reach out to those you know.

If there are companies where you want to work and you have people in your network who are employed there, then now’s the time to reach out. Even if they’re not in the marketing department, a recommendation from an existing employee is going to go a long way in setting you apart. In fact, it might be what gives you the edge over another candidate with a similar background as yours.

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