Should I Tell My Boss I’m Looking For A New Job?

You’ve just started looking for a new job in Kansas City. Now the question is: do you tell your boss? It’s a sensitive situation, one that needs to be handled the right way. Otherwise, you could land yourself in hot water. So what should you do and when do you inform your manager?

It’s always best to wait until after you have an offer to tell your boss that you’re making a move. Even if you have an excellent relationship with them, the fact of the matter is that they’ll know you’re leaving soon; or at least that you want to. As a result, they’ll start looking for your replacement almost immediately. They could even terminate your employment. But what if you don’t find the right opportunity as fast as you expected? This becomes a sticky and stressful situation.

If the potential employer is interested in a reference from your existing boss, then explain you’ll be happy to provide one as soon as an offer is made. Before then is simply too risky and could sabotage your current position, including your mode of income. A reputable employer will completely understand this position and will make their offer contingent upon a reference check.

In the meantime, how do you keep your job search under wraps, so your boss doesn’t find out about it? Here are a few quick tips to help you:

  • Turn off the setting in your LinkedIn profile that notifies your entire network that you’ve made updates to your profile.
  • Only network with and tell people you trust that you’re searching for a new job. Don’t post a public update on Facebook or anywhere else on social media.
  • Don’t use office resources in your job search, such as your email, phone or printer. If you do get a call at work from a potential employer, step outside the office to take it.
  • Don’t post your resume online at places that are easy for your boss or your company’s recruiters to see.
  • Work with a recruiter who can not only help you to find a great new job in Kansas City, but also do it all in a confidential manner.

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