9 Skills You Need to Join the Marketing World

Marketing is a competitive industry. To break into it and get a job in Kansas City, you need to have the right skills. And that goes beyond being a prolific poster to your Facebook feed.

Instead, you need to acquire a few of the following 9 skills to give yourself the best chance of getting ahead of your competition – and getting the marketing job you want:

#1: Communication.

Whether you’re writing or speaking, sending out a Tweet our putting out a case study, strong communication skills are a must. This is the foundation upon which all marketing campaigns are built.

#2: Creativity. 

To get and keep your audience’s attention, you need to be creative, able to come up with fresh new ideas and innovative spins on old ones. Your employer will be depending on you to help the company stand out in a sea of competitors, which is why this skill is so vital to success on the job.

#3: Strategic thinking. 

While creativity is key, so is the ability to strategize and think analytically. This is especially important if you’re looking to get a job in management one day. Skills include being able to analyze consumer and competitor data, conduct research, perform SWOT analyses, and develop sound marketing plans.

#4: Public speaking.

Most people don’t love speaking in public. If you’re one of them, that’s ok. However, you still need to get comfortable with it since many marketing jobs in Kansas City require that you be able to present your ideas in a polished, professional way, whether speaking in front of a large crowd or simply a small group at a meeting.

#5: Listening.

A huge part of successful marketing is listening. After all, if you don’t understand what customers want, they’re not going to be interested in your product or service. It’s therefore vital to be a good listener and do your homework first so you know the exact challenges and obstacles facing your target audience and can effectively communicate how your company will help overcome them.

#6: Technical skills.

In today’s world, there are many different software programs that are important to know and understand, like Google Analytics. Not only that, but you need to be comfortable with social media, including sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

#7: Organizational.

In marketing, projects are hot, which means tight turnarounds and deadlines. That’s why if you don’t have good organizational skills, so you can manage your time and prioritize work, as well as stress management techniques, it’s going to be tough to survive in this fast-paced industry.

#8: Sales.

Even if you don’t work directly in sales, you still have to persuade decision makers when it comes to your ideas and inspirations. It’s therefore important that you understand and are able to put to use the power of persuasion.

#9: Tolerates feedback.

In marketing, you’re going to get feedback..and a lot of it, whether from your boss, co-workers or customers. It’s important to not take it personally, as well as be able to implement it into your work going forward.

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