Simple Marketing Tips to Make You Stand Out to Candidates


With a national unemployment rate hovering slightly above 4% – and Kansas City’s just below – today’s top talent have their pick of job opportunities. Therefore, if you want to appeal to them, you need to stand out. But that can feel like a tall order to fill when you’re busy with so many other priorities. What can you do? Here are some tips:

Start with your employer brand.

When a candidate hears your company name, what comes to mind? If it’s not much, then you have some work to do in terms of employer branding. In fact, according to one Glassdoor survey, 74% of candidates were more likely to apply to a job if the company had an active employer brand.

To start, determine which channels make the most sense for your company and the kinds of employees you’re looking to hire. It could be sites ranging from LinkedIn and Instagram to Snapchat, Twitter and industry-related sites. Then aim to post regularly with a mix of engaging content, whether it’s job openings, photos, videos, articles or other information. When candidates get to know your company personally, they’ll be more apt to apply and more enthusiastic about working for you.

Keep it simple in job descriptions.

One of the quickest ways to lose out on candidates is with complex job postings, over-the-top language, and company jargon and legalese. While it’s important to list requirements and needs, you should also balance that out with a clear and simple approach to the language you use. Remember, you’re trying to sell your opportunity.

To do that, begin with a quick overview of what the job entails, then dig into the details. But don’t simply list a bunch of tasks. Tie them back to how the role will contribute to the company or department overall. Talk too about the potential for advancement, what the candidate can expect in terms of both challenges and rewards, and the culture. Candidates want to know more than just about duties, but also if your organization is a good fit for them.

Treat candidates like customers.

When candidates are left in the dark and interviews are constantly rescheduled, it reflects poorly on your brand. Instead, make sure the candidate experience is an easy one, treating each one like what they are: potentially one of your biggest assets. Even if an applicant doesn’t get the offer, they’ll appreciate the fact that you’re willing to invest in providing a positive experience. As a result, top candidates will be more likely to apply again down the line, improving your talent pipeline as a result.

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