How to Tell If a Potential Boss Cares About Their Employees


When considering a new job, who you would report to can be an important factor in your decision. The number one reason people quit their jobs is because of their boss. That makes it extremely important to you explore your potential manager’s preferences and management styles before you accept the position to see if you would thrive under their direction.

During the interview stage of a hiring process, look for signs that your potential boss values their team.

Five Signs a Potential Boss Cares About Their Team: 

They Focus on Personal Development

Every team member brings different skills to the table, each providing complementing skills that help advance the team and hit company goals. When a manager genuinely cares about each staff members’ personal development, not only are they helping to support each team member in their continuing education, they also ensure that the team is advancing as a whole. When you’re sitting in a job interview, ask your potential boss what they offer in terms of training or skills development. This gives you insight into your manager’s attitude, but it also shows that you take the opportunity seriously and are thinking long-term.

They Listen

During a job interview, pay attention to whether the manager is engaged and responsive to your answers, or if they seem to be operating on autopilot. Do they build on your interview responses and ask further probing questions? Or do they simply ask a question and then move onto the next one on the list? If a manager demonstrates good listening skills and is engaged in the interview, it is a good sign that you would be listened to if you decided to work for the company.

They Personalize Management Tactics

Every person has a unique personality and a different style for completing their tasks. Some individuals thrive when they have autonomy, while others work best when they have itemized lists and a manager who is more hands-on. A great manager recognizes these differences and adapts their management style based upon the needs of their individual staff members. During the interview, ask the manager about their preferred management style(s) to explore if their style would match with you.

They Motivate and Inspire Others

When a boss is excited about their job and the company, it provides direction and motivation for their team. During the job interview, pay attention to how they talk about their role, their team and the goals the team is working to achieve. A great boss will demonstrate excitement about the company and will focus on motivating the team to excel.

They Ask for Input

A great manager is open-minded and asks their team for input. In the interview, pay close attention to how they interact with you and the type of questions they ask. Do they ask what your goals are? Or what you might be looking to get out of this position? If they are asking these exploratory questions, it could be a sign they would be open to your ideas and approach and are not just looking for a body to fill a seat.

Considering a potential boss’s management style is essential when considering a job offer. If you mesh well with the manager and are given the opportunities to thrive, it not only sets you up for success, but it also benefits the team, manager and company as a whole.

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