Direct Hire or Contract Placements: Which Staffing Solution is Right For Your Company?


Business is booming and you need help meeting demand, filling orders and getting them out the door. But should you work with your Kansas City staffing partner to hire full-time team members, or are contract workers a better bet?

From the employer side, both offer good options to help fill different needs. It depends on your unique situation to determine which is right for you at any given time. To help you decide, here’s a look at the difference between the two staffing solutions, as well as how your company can benefit:

Direct Hire Placements

Direct hire placements are made for those positions that are full-time and permanent, meaning they’re not for a short-term or temporary length of time. Those employees that are hired into these roles are offered a salary and benefits, including health insurance and retirement options. Direct hire is most often used when recruiting for professional-level roles, as well as managerial and executive-level ones. While placements can be made through your Kansas City staffing agency, once hired, the candidate is employed directly by your company.

Benefits of Direct Hire Placements

  • When it comes to recruiting, it’s often easier to find direct hire talent because most professionals on the job market are looking for this kind of work, rather than a contract assignment that is temporary.
  • Whether they plan to stay with an organization for a few years or the course of their career, full-time employees are more vested in their employer and committed to company success.
  • Integrating into the company culture is often easier, too. Being on the job for the foreseeable future means employees are typically more motivated to develop connections, forge relationships, and make a name for themselves within the company.

Contract Placements

Contract placements, on the other hand, are those that are short-term positions filled by highly skilled workers with a technical or professional background. They’re needed for a certain period of time, whether a few weeks or a months, to fulfill a mission-critical deadline, complete a vital project that requires a specialized skill set, or keep up with demand during an especially busy time of year. While contract placements work on-site at your location, they are employed by the staffing agency that places them. As a result, you don’t have to worry about administrative tasks, like payroll and employment taxes.

Benefits of Contract Placements

  • You can access specialized skills for a short-term period, all without increasing overhead.
  • You can also take on new initiatives and projects without worry about how you’ll find the manpower to get the job done. Simply bring on contract workers for as long as needed and then release them once the project is complete.
  • Your company can get more flexibility, so you can keep staffing levels optimal as your business needs change.
  • Contract workers can also keep full-time employees more productive, ensuring they’re not overworked or don’t get burned out.

Now that you have a better sense of whether you require direct hire employees or contract workers, how can you find them? The best way is to work with your Kansas City staffing partner. You can communicate the ins and outs of your needs, from the demands of the position to the types of soft skills you’re looking for. Your recruiter can then get to work sourcing candidates for your position from a large network of existing professionals, both contract and direct hire. As a result, you can focus on other business priorities, while they find, screen and thoroughly vet talent that’s the right fit for you.

Want Professional Help Finding Contract or Direct Hire Employees?

Turn to the Kansas City staffing experts at Morgan Hunter. Whether you need help filling an executive role, or a variety of contract positions, our team is here for you every step of the way, diligently sourcing, carefully screening, and confidently delivering high-quality talent. Simply connect with us today to learn more or get started.