Make More Money with These 4 Hot Skills

Data analytics


Whether you’re looking for your first job or your fifth, there are certain skills that today’s employers want to see in candidates. These skills tend to be transferable, extending beyond industries and impacting job seekers regardless of field, abilities, and experience. When you have them, they can offer you a competitive advantage, meaning more interviews and better job offers.

So what are they – and how can you acquire them?

Skill #1: Data analytics

You don’t need to work in tech to have an understanding of data analytics; in fact, this skill is in-demand across professions ranging from marketing and human resources to customer service and sales. With an ever-increasing reliance on technology, today’s employers want workers who understand the implications of big data and can utilize that information to enhance bottom-line results. If you’re not familiar with data analytics, a good place to start is by enrolling in an online course.

Skill #2: Languages

In today’s global economy, being multi-lingual is a distinctive way to set yourself apart from other job candidates. Not only will you be able to apply for a wider range of job opportunities, but you’ll have an in-demand skill that helps you negotiate higher salaries and better benefits once offers do come in. If you work in certain industries, like hospitality and customer service, it can be especially valuable.

Clearly, this isn’t a skill you can acquire overnight. But if you’re good with languages, then enrolling in courses to sharpen and enhance your skills can certainly be worth it if you want to advance your career.

Skill #3: Writing

Thanks to email, the Internet and social media, writing skills are in-demand. Whether a company needs to communicate through their website, social media accounts, blog, marketing materials, or simply to customers via email, strong writing skills are a must. Even if you’re not a professional writer, this is a skill that can be honed and acquired, whether by taking a class at your local community college or enrolling in an online course.

Skill #4: Project management

Every industry needs good project managers who can take a job from start to finish and ensure it gets done on time, within budget and correctly. Even if you’re not a dedicated project manager, being able to take initiative, lead a team, stay organized and remain on top of details are all critical skills to have for employers.

So if you want to set yourself apart in your next job search, read books on project management concepts, take a course from a professional organization, and ask for stretch assignments at work that enable you to put these skills to use.

These are just a few examples of the hot skills today’s employers are on the lookout for. If you need help acquiring them or others, or if you’d like assistance with your job search, call in the Kansas City recruitment team at Morgan Hunter. We can give you the inside scoop on what employers are looking for in candidates, as well as help you find your next great job in KC.

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