Employee Anniversary Spotlight: Melissa Rose


At Morgan Hunter, we’re lucky to have so many tenured recruiters. As our employees celebrate their Morgan Hunter anniversaries, we thought you’d like to get to know them a little better! Today Melissa Rose, Senior Recruiter in our Administrative Division, is celebrating 5 years with Morgan Hunter.


How did you start working at Morgan Hunter?

My background is in Human Resources, so I originally came to interview with Carol Schmidt about an HR position with one of her clients. When we met, she asked me about the possibility of becoming a recruiter and I thought it was interesting. After that I met with the rest of the team and decided this was the route I wanted to take!


What has kept you at Morgan Hunter?

Definitely my team — I love the people I work with. Every day is very different. I really enjoy finding people career opportunities. It’s great catching up with candidates years later and hearing that they are with the same company we placed them at years ago. I meet a lot of people who have been out of work or who haven’t found the right job for them. Finding them a job they love is very rewarding.


Favorite sports team?

K-State all the way! K-State football for sure.


Favorite TV show?

I love “The Real Housewives,” “The Bachelor,” and “Modern Family.” Recently I started watching “Life in Pieces” and love it.


Favorite food?

I love Mexican food and BBQ!


Favorite movie?

I love “The ‘Burbs,” it’s a classic.


Best place to eat in Kansas City?

Definitely Joe’s Kansas City and Jalapenos.


Favorite thing to do outside of work?

I really like going to concerts and sporting events. I love going to the lake, visiting my parents in Alabama, and water skiing and wakeboarding at the lake.  I also recently bought a house, so I’ve been doing a lot of home projects.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m terrified of snakes! When I was 8, living in Oklahoma, I was in the living room walking to the kitchen and there was a snake on the floor. I thought it was a fake one so I just walked by. It turned out to be a rattlesnake! When I walked back by, it lunged at me and hissed. Since then I’ve been extremely scared of snakes.

Also, in high school, I was on the dance team and we won a competition and got to perform at the 2005 National Championship Orange Bowl at halftime.


Best advice for a job seeker?

The best thing you can do before an interview is research the company you are interviewing with. The worst thing you can do, is not knowing anything about the company you’re interviewing with. Also, research the people you’re interviewing with. Look them up on LinkedIn and Google their names, so you can find out more about them before meeting the hiring manager.  Hiring mangers like to know that you have done your research.

Thank you notes are important too. I have had people send thank you notes after getting turned down for a job, and then have the company changed their mind and came back with a job offer.


What’s important for employers to know about the hiring landscape in 2017?

It’s a candidate-driven market — there are more opportunities out there for job seekers than in the recent past. I always tell clients that if they like a candidate, they need to move fast because that candidate may be off the market soon. I always tell my clients to give us feedback right away on why they like a candidate, so we can find them additional candidates to compare with.