Majority of HR Managers Say Artificial Intelligence Will Become Part of HR in Next 5 Years

Artificial intelligence in the workplace


As many people worry that artificial intelligence will make their jobs obsolete, the Human Resources industry is welcoming these technological advances. More than half (55 percent) of Human Resources managers believe artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will become a regular part of HR in the next five years according to a survey by CareerBuilder.

“There are certain aspects of HR that are transactional in nature, such as how we capture candidate and employee information and maintain those records and reports. Automation is key in finding efficiencies in those processes,” Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer for CareerBuilder, said in a press release.

“What robots and AI can’t replace, however, is the human element of HR that shapes the company culture, provides an environment for employees built on IQ and EQ, works hand in hand with company leaders to meet business goals and ensures employees have the training and support to thrive. You need living, dynamic people who can navigate the ‘gray’ to do that, not robots that can quickly work through black and white.”

While most HR professionals don’t think AI will make their jobs obsolete, 35 percent says the thought of AI in HR makes them nervous.


Without Automation, Time and Productivity are Lost

Most of the HR managers surveyed say that a lack of automation in their jobs has caused them to lose an average of 14 hours a week. Twenty-eight percent say they waste 20 hours or more and 11 percent say they give up 30 hours or more.

HR managers reported that a lack of automation at their jobs has resulted in:

  • Lower productivity: 41 percent
  • More errors: 40 percent
  • Higher costs: 35 percent
  • Poor candidate experience: 18 percent
  • Poor employee experience: 17 percent
  • Less engagement: 17 percent
  • Poor hiring manager experience: 11 percent


Some HR functions already automated

Though the HR industry is a long way from becoming fully automated, here is a breakdown of HR functions that are fully automated, partially automated or not automated:

HR Function Fully Automated Partially Automated Not Automated
Payroll 50% 42% 7%
Background checks/drug testing 39% 35% 21%
Applicant tracking 38% 35% 21%
Benefits administration 34% 49% 15%
Distributing job postings to different websites 30% 36% 28%
Compliance 25% 45% 27%
Performance management 24% 38% 33%
Sourcing job candidates 20% 47% 28%
Predictive Assessments 20% 24% 25%
Training 18% 47% 28%
Employee Referrals 16% 29% 45%
Onboarding 15% 56% 26%


Automation not the only way to save time

According to the survey, 21 percent say background checks are not automated. Twenty-one percent also state that applicant tracking isn’t automated. Lack of automation for these HR functions can lead to lost productivity. Rather than risk losing your valuable time, partner with Morgan Hunter for your next talent search. We can take care of things like applicant tracking and background checks so you can focus on your day-to-day. We have helped thousands of companies in the Kansas City area find high-performing employees for their open positions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization find talent.