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Interview and Body Language Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

  Almost half of employers (49 percent) know if a candidate is a good fit for the job within the first five minutes of an interview. That’s according to a new survey by CareerBuilder that asked employers about the most memorable interview mistakes candidates have made.  These employers had plenty to say about the sometimes… Read More »

7 Jobs Popular with Millennials

    Millennials entered the workforce at an interesting time. The Great Recession made finding a job next to impossible, and the internet was transforming the way people do business. Despite the hurdles they had to overcome, many Millennials were able to start meaningful careers. SmartAssest, a personal finance technology company, looked at data from… Read More »

Want a Promotion? Here are the Top Things You Need to Do

  You want to get ahead in your career. The trouble is, you’re not sure what steps to take. Sound familiar? If it does, then Morgan Hunter can help all you KC job seekers. We know what managers look for in employees they’re considering hiring, as well as what specific steps you can take in your… Read More »

Top Industries in Kansas City with the Hottest Jobs

  According to many indicators, the U.S. economy looks healthy and strong as we enter a New Year. So if you’re interested in new jobs in Kansas City, it’s certainly a good time to start your search. But where should you focus your efforts if you want to make the most out of your career?… Read More »

Career Resolutions to Make for 2018

  Ready for a better career in 2018? As Overland Park staffing experts, Morgan Hunter knows it’s a great time to make career resolutions that can help you to get back on track toward achieving your goals. What are some that you should consider? Here’s a look: Performing a career check-up. It’s tough to know… Read More »

5 Big Benefits of Hiring Veterans

  This Veterans Day, let us not forget the men and women who have sacrificed so much for us by serving in our Armed Forces. Many come home to find an unforgiving job market, searching for work only to find few opportunities available. Could your business use a hard-working, extremely motivated employee? Hire a veteran.… Read More »

Don’t Make These 7 Critical Mistakes When Applying for A Job

  In today’s technologically savvy world, your resume and application materials are still your ticket into the interview process. A polished and powerful resume can give you a leg up; a weak one, however, will land in the recycle bin. So what are some critical – and all-too-common – mistakes job seekers make on them?… Read More »

Ask a Recruiter: How soon can I leave a job?

  Every third Thursday of the month, we answer questions submitted to us from Kansas City area job seekers and employers. This week, Senior Recruiter in our Information Technology Division Josh Mugge answers a question from an anonymous job seeker.   How soon can I leave a job without it looking bad on my resume?… Read More »

Infographic: Make Sure Your Social Media is Employer Ready

This infographic was created by  Stevenson University Online Other articles you may be interested in: More Employers Than Ever Using Social Media to Screen Candidates Don’t Let LinkedIn Mistakes Cost You Opportunities   Ready to Find a New Job? Call the team at Morgan Hunter. As one of Kansas City’s most trusted employment agencies, we spend… Read More »

Know Your Audience: Preparing for a Panel Interview

  One-on-one interviews are stressful enough. But a panel can take that pressure to the next level. What can you do to prepare, no matter how many people you’re facing? Here are 5 tips: #1: Don’t get caught off guard. When you’re scheduling the panel interview, make sure you know who you’re going to be interviewing with.… Read More »