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Are You Losing Candidates Because of a Poor Background Check Experience?

  Background checks are vital to your business. You need them to verify a candidate’s previous employment and ensure you’re not hiring someone with an unsavory past. But what happens if your background checks are not only helping you avoid bad hires, they are also causing you to lose high-quality candidates because of a poor… Read More »

28 Percent of Employers Do Not Conduct Background Checks of New Employees

  More than one in four employers don’t conduct background checks before they hire a candidate, according to a new survey by CareerBuilder. Considering a bad hire costs about $17,000, the relatively large number of employers who choose not to perform background checks is a bit surprising. “If an employee isn’t well-suited for the job… Read More »

Know Who You're Hiring! Various Types Of Employment Background Checks

The last thing you want, as a boss or a HR manager, is to hire someone with a risky background or a tainted past. And if a candidate has faked expertise, it can set projects back and make you lose face with clients. So what can you do? Consider doing any or all of these… Read More »