Company Facing Uncertain Times? How to Adjust Your Staffing Strategy


When it comes to running a company, you experience many ups and downs. From employee turnover to company mergers, to the loss or gain of a big client, all of these situations impact your bottom line. How can you weather the change successfully? By partnering with a Kansas City recruiting firm to adjust your staffing strategy. Here’s what you need to do and how they can help you.

Keep them in the loop.

Your recruiting firm wants to help you with all your staffing and HR challenges. But they can’t do that unless you’re clearly communicating them. So, when you’re facing uncertain times – and a staffing crunch, as a result – then you need to inform them as soon as possible. Even if they don’t need to act immediately, it’s important that they understand the nature of the situation. That way, they can start thinking about next steps.

Identifying needs.

You know something needs to change in terms of staffing. But you’re not sure what or how to go about it. That’s where your recruiting partner can help. They can conduct an audit of your current staffing levels, identify areas that are overstaffed or have gaps, and develop a new course of action that can help you to achieve company goals.

Recommending the right options.

Your recruiting partner should be someone you can turn to for expertise and resources. For instance, perhaps you’re growing, but can’t yet afford to hire more full-time staff. As a result, your core team is stretched thin. Your recruiting partner can work with you to give you access to a steady supply of contract and temporary talent who can help you get the job done, without adding to your overhead.

Likewise, if you’re not finding the quality full-time talent you need – and are spinning your wheels in the process – let your recruiting partner handle the sourcing and screening for you. You can then gain access to a higher caliber level of talent.

Creating a timeline.

Once needs, goals, and solutions come into focus, your recruiting firm can work with you to determine reasonable timelines for carrying out the newly adjusted plan. For example, this can include creating a hiring timeline, such as when you should start the process and how quickly you need new employees on board.

Want a strategic staffing plan that works better for your company?

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