Look Before You Leap: Evaluating a Recruiting Firm


From experience to terms and pricing, we’ve talked both here and here about internal characteristics you should look for when hiring a recruiting firm. But what about other essentials, like online reviews and client references? These are just as important to evaluate when you’re considering partnering with a recruiting firm. And in today’s day and age, the information you need is easier than ever to find. Here’s how:

Google the company name.

Finding the recruiting firm’s website is easy. But you also want to read any news articles related to the firm, as well as its executive team and recruiters. This will give you a better sense of how reputable and stable the firm is. Also, if executives are regularly quoted in articles pertaining to recruiting and hiring, then you know they’re considered industry leaders.

Look for online reviews.

Other sources for key information about a Kansas City recruiting firm are online reviews. These can give you some perspective not only on the client experience but the candidate one, as well. After all, the firm you do choose is representing your company to candidates from across the city and perhaps even the country. And you want to ensure they follow ethical and sound practices when it comes to recruiting and screening these individuals.

Check out any testimonials on their website.

Another place to look for information is on their website testimonial page. While these comments are all likely going to be glowing, reading through them can give you a good sense of what the firm has done for its clients – and whether those services are a good fit for you. For instance, if all the testimonials are related to temporary staffing and you need an executive recruiter, then that particular firm might not have the expertise you’re after – even if they do have dozens of positive testimonials.

Ask for a list of references to call.

Once you have a short list of recruiting firms you’re considering, ask for a reference list so you can call some of their clients and ask about their experience with the firm. If there is any hesitation on the part of the recruiting firm, it should be a warning sign. A reputable firm should have no problem offering a list of satisfied customers to call.

Connect with those in your network who’ve worked with the firm.

Reach out to business colleagues who have worked with the firms you’re considering. They should be able to give you the inside track on what it was really like working with the firm – and whether they’d recommend them. Knowing your business, they may also be able to offer you insight as to whether one particular firm would be a better fit for your needs over another.

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