From Employee to Leader: 6 Tips for Getting a Promotion


As one of Kansas City’s most experienced employment agencies, Morgan Hunter knows that getting a promotion isn’t as simple as doing your job. In today’s competitive workplace, you’ll need to take a proactive approach if you want to advance your career. Start by following these six tips:

1. Be on good terms with your boss.

If you have a poor working relationship with your boss, it’s going to be tough to get promoted in your existing company. Managers are typically the gatekeepers, deciding who gets to move up in a company. That’s why it’s important to work to establish a productive relationship with your boss. Seek them out for advice. Talk to them about any performance weaknesses and how to overcome them. And promote your interest in eventually getting ahead within the company.

2. Develop a relationship with a mentor.

If you want to open doors to new opportunities, one of the best ways is through a mentoring relationship with someone higher up in your department or the company. Not only will you learn more about the organization and how to be successful in it, but a mentor can also help you create a vision for your career, as well as increase your visibility. If your employer doesn’t have a formal mentoring program, talk to your boss about ways you can build these kinds of relationships in the company.

3. Obtain new skills and knowledge.

When you have strong relationships with your boss and a mentor, you should have a good sense of the areas where you need to acquire new knowledge. So before you put yourself out there for a promotion, make sure you’re expanding your skill set and abilities in these key areas. By staying current with technology and industry trends, you’ll become a more valuable asset to your employer.

4. Be professional.

This should go without saying, but act professionally at all times. That means being prepared, prompt and respectful. Be drama-free and pleasant to work with. Don’t whine and complain, or point fingers at others when something goes wrong. And keep in mind, appearances count: so dress neatly and appropriately for your workplace.

5. Volunteer for additional tasks.

One way to learn, expand your network in the company, and get noticed is to volunteer to take on additional projects or assignments. Asking for additional work also shows your boss that you’re ready for new challenges.

6. Make the case.

Those who achieve results are the ones who get ahead. So when it comes time for promotions, be prepared to make the case – with specific examples – of how you’ve helped contribute in a positive way to the company’s bottom line.

And remember, getting promoted takes patience. Sometimes, we think we’re ready when it’s simply not the right time. But by following the tips above, you can prepare yourself for the next level at work.

If, however, there’s no room for advancement at your company and you’re ready to get ahead, call the experts at Morgan Hunter. As one of Kansas City’s most experienced employment agencies, we’ve helped thousands of job seekers find the next great opportunity in their careers. And we can help you too. Just contact us today.