Extending a Job Offer: 5 Things “Star Players” Look for in an Offer


A Kansas City recruiter can source and screen top quality candidates. But when it comes time to craft the compensation package, that’s one area where you have to take control. While your recruiter should certainly help and offer advice, it’s up to you to put forth an offer that star players will want to say “yes” to. With that in mind, here are 5 things yours should include:

1. Top pay and benefits.

If you want the best people, you have to offer great pay and benefits. If you don’t, leading candidates won’t want to work for you – even if you offer plenty of trendy perks. Below-market compensation sends the message that you don’t value the candidate and what they can offer. If you’re not sure about details, talk to your recruiter. They can perform salary research and help you come up with a fair number and the right benefits.

2. Location, location, location.

Today’s workers want a short commute. In fact, 51 percent of passive candidates said that an opportunity that was in a good location would attract them most, according to one LinkedIn survey. So if you’re in a hard-to-reach location, you may want to offer the ability to work from home regularly or occasionally.

3. Flexibility.

Today’s workers, especially those in younger generations, want to work for companies that offer flexibility. And technology makes that easier. So consider offering flex time or other flexible scheduling options to candidates. Enabling them to better balance life at work – and outside of it – will be hugely attractive to top talent. Again, talk to your recruiter about various scheduling options you can offer and which one best fits your company.

4. Opportunities to learn and advance.

Star players don’t want to stay settled in the same position for years. Rather, ambitious candidates want to work for companies that offer robust training and continuing education programs, as well as opportunities to advance. That’s why, to attract the best people, it’s important to show that there’s room for growth.

5. A clear job description.

Unclear job roles can not only wreak havoc in your company, but also on your recruiting process. So make sure the job offer contains clear language about duties and responsibilities, as well as expectations and goals. If the job description seems muddled or unclear in any way, work with your recruiter to develop a better-defined one before the recruiting process begins.

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